Russian Engineering IPP Company New Generation - main business lines

Main business line of Russian engineering Company New Generation – is a turnkey construction of distributed CHP power plants, cogeneration and combined-cycle gas turbine units with power output of 5 up to 500MW. Engineering IPP Company New Generation performs modernization, reconstruction and replacement of the existing heat and power plants. Engineering IPP Company New Generation erects turnkey large-scale boiler plants.

Value proposition of  Russian Engineering IPP Company New Generation consists in the optimal ratio of costs, quality and reliability of power plants. Our Customers do not face the problem of sub-contractor control — all works, beginning from project and ending with a power plant commissioning, are performed by one legal body — New Generation Company.

Engineering IPP Company New Generation performs full cycle of works on power plants construction with the use of innovative equipment with advanced technical characteristics manufactured by Siemens, Alstom, Turbomach. At the same time construction costs of these CHP plants are comparable to the offerings of Russian generation equipment manufacturers.

Russian Engineering IPP Company New Generation performs power efficiency audit of companies and analysis of viability of distributed power plant erection. Engineering IPP Company New Generation provides approvals at regulative bodies and receipt of all necessary permissions.

Engineering IPP Company New Generation provides support in getting necessary volumes of natural gas sufficient for operation of a CHP plant.

Company maintains its warranty and the following service and provision of expandable materials at moderate and adequate prices.

Engineering IPP Company New Generation trains Customer’s personnel for the work at the advanced CHP plants.

Mission and goal of IPP Company New Generation

Mission of independent power IPP Company New Generation is construction of key facilities for new infrastructure — gas power plants. We work in the interests of business and country; we develop new line of Russian power industry — construction of distributed, stand alone power systems.

Goal and main task of New Generation Company is making your business stable and profitable by introducing reliable distributed power supply. Construction of distributed CHP plant will make your business competitive.

Our specialists are sure that the process of power supply must be indivisible: power generation, its transportation and consumption. Gas power plants installation performed by IPP Company New Generation is possible in all Russian regions. Economical viability of IPP Company New Generation offering is affirmed by authoritative experts.

Distributed power plant and land parcel for erection of data center or power-consuming facility in Moscow region

We offer a cutting–edge 31MW new thermal power plant and 7 hectares industrial land parcel for construction of data center or any other power-consuming facility.

According to power supply class the site has a capability of grid connection, adequately sized to the plant’s installed power. Reliability of the gas power plant is guaranteed by dual-fuel power units. Also, the site is equipped with the underground liquid fuel storage tank and back–up 2.2MW diesel generators.

The land parcel has a developed, modern infrastructure and is ideal for data center or any other power-consuming facility construction. The site is situated 26 km away from Moscow, and has a railroad station nearby. Thermal output of the power plant is 45MW. Thermal power can be used in trigeneration cycle (through chiller) for reliable and efficient cooling of the data center equipment.

There is a capability to rapidly extend power output of the distributed power plant up to 50–75MW.

The price of the power plant and the land parcel is attractive and adequate. The power plant and the parcel with all necessary infrastructure are a perfect way of investment and value creation of your company. If you are interested in purchasing of a part of the land and allocation of necessary power we also are ready to consider this option. If you are interested in the offer we can organize a tour and presentation of the site.

Promising investments in Russia! Low expenditures and high return! Openness, transparency and the absolute juridical cleanliness of transaction. Qualified personnel. New first–class European equipment and cheap, qualitative Russian gas! Safe and accessible power engineering — generation — this is promising!

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Profitable proposition for construction of the state-of-the-art thermal power plants of various types and outputs – turnkey thermal power plants.

New Generation Company performs full spectrum of works – design and construction of turnkey thermal power plants (EPC contracting). New Generation Company offers reliable distributed power units – gas power plants by European, American, Japanese and Russian manufacturers – on attractive conditions and profitable price

Power output of plants is from 100kW up to 300MW. Cutting edge turnkey gas thermal power plants are designed and constructed in the shortest possible time. Engineering company New Generation is independent in its choice of equipment manufacturer and that is why we can construct power plants for you and for attractive price.

If you are willing to deeply modernize your business and decided to construct a turnkey distributed power plant, please, contact us for qualified advice: +7 (963) 711-32-39.

State-of-the-art gas thermal power plants are intended for the most advanced and efficient ways of power generation. Upon the Customer’s request they can be equipped with heat recovery modules.

If you don’t have a need in heat generation we can include steam turbines to maximize power generation. These innovative power modules have a very high electrical efficiency (59%) and are called combined cycle gas turbine units – CCGT.

Excessive thermal energy can be used for conditioning and cooling of equipment in production cycles.

Environmentally-friendly modular units offered by our Company have been used for more than decade in various fields of industry and economy. The units have been already installed in different regions of Russia and the CIS.

Also, gas power plants are successfully used in oil & gas industry for associated gas utilization. Undemanding and reliable gas turbine units proved themselves at LUKOIL, TNK-BP oil-fields and at Gazprom gas-field.

Reliable thermal power plants of high power that we construct have an excellent price-to-quality ratio. Prices for gas turbine power plants are adequate, attractive and competitive. You can learn the price of power plants by the telephone number +7 (963) 711-32-39

In conditions of tariffs rise independent power and cheap heat generation by the means of powerful and cutting-edge cogeneration power plants is the only right, economically viable solution for industrial companies of different fields, establishments of small- and medium-scale business and housing and public utilities.

We always are ready to share our rich practical experience in the sphere of distributed power plants construction with you. We will certainly organize guided tour to a atste-of-the-art power plant constructed by our specialists.

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